2012. január 26., csütörtök

Jesus never fails

Let God define you! This is my new aim for the future

Don’t let the world define you. You are a child of God. Your value derives directly from God. As a heir of Almighty God your value is beyond measure. It doesn’t matter whether you’re single or divorced. It doesn’t matter if you’re jobless or homeless. it doesn’t matter if you’re sick or handicapped. Don’t let those things define you. Let God take over your life and step into freedom in Christ!We do have difficult pasts. We do have handicaps and other hardships in life. But maybe we should not label them just as “bad things”. Apostle Paul shared about his handicap and how he had three times asked God to remove it. God’s answer surprised him: My grace is enough, it’s all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness!That is such a powerful message. Maybe our weaknesses, our hardships, difficult pasts, losses and un-fullfilled dreams are not “bad things” but invitations to surrender to God, to open ourselves up to God’s grace, to realize it’s not about us but about God.When our value is not found in successes but in weaknesses we really find peace.When we welcome God’s grace to empower us we find real joy.When we embrace God’s strength in the moments of our weakness, we find real love.
Letting Christ taking over is what faith is all about. Letting grace be everything is what faith is all about. It helps us to appreciate our weaknesses, to receive God’s love and to love ourselves in a new way.Suddenly life becomes radiant: God defines me. Not hardships, not handicaps, not failures! But God! And as a child of God…I am cherished and loved and my value is beyond measure!

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