2012. október 16., kedd

Chris August-Center of It

Somedays I'm feeling like
I can't win, can't get it right and 
It don't matter how hard I try
Today is not my day
When it feels like I'm going crazy
And it looks like nothing's changing
Come sun come rainy day
You are still the same

In the dark, in the light
In the morning and night
In the good, in the hurt
In the places I hide
When I rise, when I fall
You'll be there through it all
At the start, at the end
In the center of the center of it

Some nights I lay awake and 
I can't push these thoughts away
I'm worried where I'm gonna go
Where I'm gonna be are You gonna be there for me
When it feels like the doors are closing
Gotta trust that You're doing something
Come sun come rainy day
You are all I need

There will be days I will forget
Everything You've done for me
But when I go back there again
I'm reminded

In the dark, in the light
In the morning and the night

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